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My last three days of work!
I had 18 hats built and covered that needed to be decorated, and that’s been my last 3 days solid, getting them to this state. I am incredibly pleased!

Things I have learned in the process: 
How to make and use a pleat board
How to work with ^&#%#&% crin
Curling and manipulating feathers with heat
Wear a &#&^%$# thimble.

These will all be for sale at my booth at Youmacon, though if you see one you want and won’t be there toss me a note and I can pop it on my Etsy for you instead

Now I’m back to covering more hats. I have 8 riding hats ready to be covered, then I want to make at least another 6 tricorns and a couple of mad hatters, then I need to focus on some Kanzashi.

These are beautiful! The detailing and color schemes are amazing :-)

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Neff Headwear Hats and Beanies - Village Hat Shop


We’re excited to announce that when you purchase $20.00 or more of Neff merchandise, you will recieve a FREE pair of Neff Daily earbuds, while supplies last. The Neff Daily Earbuds feature 10.5mm drivers, noise isolation, and are optimized for iPod, iPhone and MP3 players. They even come with three sizes of silicon inserts for a custom fit to your ears. How cool is that? (While supplies last, so get ‘em before they run out!)

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Umbrella Hat

Don’t want to mess up your hair by wearing a hat? Follow Hussein Chalayan’s example and make it an umbrella!

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